Giving something back makes us happy


Charitable Work

We’re keen to remain an active part of our community through our company and through our film work we pursue ways to engage different groups and organisations. Each year we aim to work with a few selected charities and other community groups in order to benefit our local area.

Since initiating this policy we have worked on films for Southend Hospital (Keyhole Cancer Appeal), Gift of a Wedding, Brainwave Children’s Charity,  The Wildlife Trusts and The Learning Revolution Trust. Our work with charities and the community earned us the prestigious ‘South Essex Business Award’ for ‘Best Community private company in September 2016, this was followed in December 2016 with another award at the Essex Countywide Business Awards.

Workshops and seminars

We have previously delivered workshops to the Essex Chambers of Commerce on how to market with video and our experience of the film industry, for Southend Borough Council. We are available for hire to host a film-related talk or workshop for either schools or businesses.

Thurrock Film Festival

Thurrock International Film Festival

We founded and continue to event-manage this popular festival. We wanted to create a platform for filmmakers from Thurrock and beyond to showcase their work as well as to raise the profile of independent filmmaking in South Essex. Each year the festival screens short films submitted by filmmakers from across the world.

We also host many educational events, from filmmaking workshops to industry professional-led talks and discussions, on everything from editing to censorship. Since launching in 2012, the Festival continues to grow in stature and acclaim each year, winning the Gold Award for online marketing at the Essex Digital Awards in 2015 and receiving an increasing number of short film submissions and attendees year on year.

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We collaborate with established photographer Chris Woodman to offer unique wedding packages, ranging from basic day cover to documentary style coverage (filming you throughout your engagement up to and including your special day). We put as much care and attention to detail into a wedding film as we would into any other project. We enjoy capturing the atmosphere and excitement of weddings and offer high-end films to brides and grooms. Every love story is beautiful, let us show you yours.

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Environmental policy.

As a 21st century company we feel it is not only important but integral to our operations that we think about our environmental impact. Climate change is one of the most pressing matters on humanity and will continue to be so unless en masse we adapt to new ways of doing things.

As a company we have made several steps to make sure that we are as green as we can be. We recycle all paper, plastics and glass that pass through our office and drive a car that has lower emissions that our previous one.

We are a digital company we therefore send only physical documents or packages where necessary, all other communications are done via email. We film on digital memory cards which can be used an infinite amount of times compared to the old mini-DV tapes that could be used only once.